New 'Baki' Manga Will Feature Japan's Legendary Sumo Wrestler

By Eknoorpreet Singh | April 4, 2018

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According to the 19th issue of Akita Shoten's Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine, the fifth part of Keisuke Itagaki's 'Baki The Grappler' manga franchise will feature the Japanese legendary sumo wrestler Nomi no Sukune; more details will be released by the magazine in the future.. The wrestler had the first ever sumo match against Taima no Kehaya during Emperor Suinin era in 23 B.C.

Interestingly, the Emperor instructed Nomi no Sukune to deal with Taima no Kehaya after he boasted that he was the strongest man “under the heavens." Nomi no Sukune engaged his opponent in hand-to-hand combat where broke his ribs with one kick and his back with another, killing Taima no Kehaya.

Keisuke Itagaki's 'Baki-Duo'("Baki's Path"), a sequel series that began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Champion, will end tomorrow. Also, Yukinao Yamauchi's 'Baki Gaiden - Scarface' (Scarface - Legend of the Invincible Fist) manga is scheduled to return in the magazine's next issue on April 12. A Netflix's anime adaptation of the series is scheduled to premiere in summer 2018 inside Japan, and in fall 2018 outside of Japan.

Here's the plot of the series according to MAL:

Baki is bored. After the conclusion of the epic battle between father and son, he continues to fight in the underground arena and train nonstop, but he always has to suppress his yawn caused by the overbearing boredom. No amount of stimulus or danger can bring excitement to him at this point.

Now, with the inclusion of the Prime Minister of Japan in the loop, a massive cloning project is attempting to clone Miyamoto Musashi, one of the fathers of martial arts in Japan. Another fight of historical proportions awaits Baki!

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