Over 15 Million People came to Juarez, Mexico to Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Live Stream; Government Confirms

What a time to be alive!

By Eknoorpreet Singh | March 18, 2018

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Today, Episode 130 of 'Dragon Ball Super' aired and fans witnessed the battle between Goku and Jiren. The much-awaited episode received critical acclaim from the community, with many fans citing it as one of the best episodes in the 'Dragon Ball' franchise.

Mexico has been the most hyped country for today's episode. First, it advertised the 'Goku vs. Jiren' battle like a much-awaited boxing match.

Not only that, it live streamed the episode and fans attended the event in huge numbers.

In what number? Over 15 MILLION.

Yes, the Government of Juarez, Mexico confirmed that more than 15 Million people came to Juarez to watch 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 130 live stream.

As high as the number seems, it's highly probable that the audience for the next episode will be even more. What a time to be alive!

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Source : Twitter